The gap between school and life

It is a topic that we all deal with every day, in one way or another. We all know that our school does not prepare children for life and in spite of that we agree with the imposed rules, on the one hand, and that we do not do anything to insist that we change those rules, on the other hand.

When I say „we“, of course I mean the “society”, and in the first place I address to all the teachers and parents of school-age children, but also the public and all those who are thinking about education and who care about its collapse. After the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, our societies built some of their social systems, according to some of their own rules and available resources, but most of them kept their education in the same foundations as it used to be. They say we had a good education then. I agree, but it was education for another time and some other needs. From then until today, our newly formed social systems have changed, only education has remained the same!

When we go through this period, of almost 30 years, we cannot help but notice that something was being tried, but that there were no essential reforms, nor did anyone intend to implement them.
Well, I guess it is clear to everyone that good education leads to some big changes, that good education gives birth to thinking people, that good education shapes a person capable of critical thinking, that good education strengthens argumentative criticism. If you agree that a good education creates brave thinking between the people who initiate and make changes, it is clear that no one needs them today in this whole part of our Balkans, hence the gap between school and life is deepening, for decades.

Is it possible, in that case, and how, to reduce the gap between school and life? Can the teachers of the region, with the help of the parent community and the media, initiate and introduce essential important and possible changes in practice?

About all of this issues on Wednesday, May 13, from 8 pm, on the Zoom application in the Balkan VIRTUAL OFFICE CAFÉ!

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